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How Important Are Regular Skin Treatments Really?

How Important Are Regular Skin Treatments Really?

As seasons and areas of your life change, so does your skin. One day you wake up and your skin is glowing and clear and the next day you can wake up to dehydration after a night of too much fun and a couple breakouts from being too tired to wash your face.

Enter a professional skin treatment routine. Professional treatments are essential because they include regular checks of your skin to make sure that your current skin care regimen is still effective for your skin at that moment. During a professional skin treatment, the skin is also given a topical examination wherein your skin care professional can alert you to any skin anomalies that you may miss in the mirror that demand medical attention.

The pace of our world is not slowing down, in fact, its only speeding up. As a society I think it is safe to say there is more stress, more anxiety and more room for us to feel overwhelmed the majority of the time. Taking time to do something for yourself that both nurtures your skin and gives you the gift of time to take a break and reconnect with yourself will make your life better as a whole.

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Professional Skin Treatment Benefits

Professional skin treatments help to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. Everything in a professional treatment has a purpose and an intention. The pattern and pressure of touch aids in moving stagnant lymph. This carries away fluid retention around the eyes and can help with cellular detoxification by removing waste from the cells and aiding in nutrient absorption through the cellular membranes.

Facial massage movements during a professional skin treatment help to relax overworked muscles in the face, softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The professional double cleanse, involving steam and exfoliation, helps to stimulate circulation and provides a deep cleanse, removing all types of buildup and congestion in your skin that may have come from makeup, sunscreens, sweat, oil production or the environment.

Professional extractions are a safe way of removing blackheads from your pores without damaging the skin and causing broken capillaries. I personally have seen many clients come in with broken red blood vessels and pigmentation all around the nose, cheeks and chin because they had either attempted extractions themselves or unfortunately had someone else extract their face using improper extraction techniques or tools. Extractions should only be performed by a professional skin therapist, otherwise you could wind up permanently scarred or injured.

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Professional grade skin products include highly acitve ingredients that are molecularly very small in size so that they can be applied topically on the skin to treat many types of specific skin problems. When working with highly active, concentrated ingredients it is essential to have a solid educational background in understanding how the products work at a chemical level.

Clients that have multiple problem areas of varying concerns add a level of complexity when it comes to completing skin treatments. It is very important to have an educated, knowledgeable and licensed skin therapist to prescribe you the correct skin care products and treatment plan in order to properly treat your particular skin issues. On occasion, skin treatments can require assistance of a medical doctor or dermatologist depending on the severity of the skin condition; only a licensed skin therapist will be able to tell you if your situation requires medical attention.

Electrical Modalities are something else that I personally use in order to amp up your results. Electrical Modalities are used to jump start your results. You can then further maintain by employing a healthy skin care regimen at home.

With kids being out of school, vacations, and slower workdays, it is common for a lot of us fall off our regular routines in the summertime. Now that it’s fall and the kids have returned to school and its back to business as usual, it’s a great to stop by Total Skin Fitness to have a professional skin treatment and see if your skin care regimen needs tune up. Completing a professional treatment once every 3-6 weeks is ideal for healthy aging and glowing skin.

Book your treatments now, the winter holiday months will soon be upon us and available appointments will be more and more difficult to book as the schedule fills up! The winter holiday season is the busiest time for spas and skin care professionals – Happy Holidays!

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