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Feng Shui and Your Health

Feng Shui and Your Health

We Are Affected by Our Environment

We’ve all felt the chaotic affects of a dirty car or crazy purse in which you can’t find anything, struggling with its crippling effects on the psyche. Since moving into my new Phenix Salon Suite in Poway I’ve been learning a lot about feng shui in order to help me with designing my suite and decluttering my life. In my research I’ve learned about how feng shui and can impact both the body and the mind.

Feng shui, put simply, is a philosophical system that can allow for us to harmonize with our environment. You may have heard people say a room has “good feng shui” or “bad feng shui.” This is referring to how a space makes you feel. A lot of these feelings are based on intuition, I find it fascinating.


I am definitely not a feng shui expert but here are some of the key concepts that I’ve learned so far about feng shui when it comes to your home and work environment:

1. Get rid of anything that is broken.

2. Add yellow to your kitchen if you are struggling with weight or poor health.

3. You should be able to see the door from your desk, you should not have your back to a door. Having your back to a door while sitting at your desk can create a feeling of discomfort because you are unable to see what may come through the door unexpectedly.

4. When entering a home, enter through the front door and not through a garage door. Add something beautiful to your front entrance, like a simple plant, since this is the initial energy you feel when entering your space.

5. Avoid metal bed frames. Metal bed frames can keep you from sleeping and metal bar headboards are can manifest feelings of imprisonment.

6. Keep things off your bedroom floor. Think of the floor of your bedroom like the ground in which we plant seeds. This should be free of clutter so you can move freely throughout your space.

7. If possible you should be able to walk around all sides of your bed.

8. If you have a bathroom connected to your room and you can see the toilet, place something that you love above the toilet, like piece of artwork. Toilets have drains that drain energy away from your space. Placing something above it that moves your focus to above the toilet can circumvent this energy drain.

9. Clutter is one of the biggest energy blockers. We hold onto so much stuff from our past that it literally keeps us stuck there. Ask yourself, what are you holding onto that is keeping you stuck in the past? This step is about “intention setting”, allowing you to let things from your past go. You can even literally thank that object from your past for whatever it brought to your life at the time. When we hold onto these things from our past it prevents us from experiencing new things, new people and experiences from entering our lives. We must trust that we will have whatever we need when the time comes. This powerful notion can help you become unstuck in your life.

Take into account the things that bring you joy and get rid of the rest.

10. Anything under your bed can lead to poor sleep, keep this area clear.

11. Whatever you see first thing when you wake up in the morning should be something that you love and makes you happy.

12. Washing your face at night is good feng shui practice for ending your day. When you go to wash your face at night think of “washing your day off”. Everything that happened during the day is over and as you cleanse, imagine everything that happened during the day being washed away down the drain. Going to sleep without washing your face is considered bad feng shui because you are still carrying all the energy of the previous day with you that hasn’t been cleared away. Washing your face at night is a good way to invite a fresh new start for the next day.

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